September 10th 

“…Direct your heart to the LORD and serve Him only, and He will deliver you...”

1 Samuel 7:3 ESV

Israel had learned the hard way, that they could not expect the LORD to deliver them when their hearts were torn by divided loyalties. Most of the time they chose to follow their fleshly desires, but in their hour of greatest need they would turn to God. The prophet Samuel directed them to return to God with their whole heart, putting away every other sinful distraction, committing themselves completely to His care to experience His deliverance from the hand of the enemy.

If your feet are in two boats, going in two different directions, you will either be torn apart or forced to take a decision to jump into one completely. Choose this day then whom you will serve, either the LORD your God or the world with its desires. It is a vain thing to honour God with your lips but have a heart that is far away from Him. In returning and wholehearted surrender is your salvation.