September 5th 

“…Samuel told him everything and hid nothing from him...”

1 Samuel 3:18 ESV

God had revealed to Samuel His declaration of judgement over Eli and his sons because of their wickedness. Although Samuel was initially afraid to share the word of God with Eli, he eventually told him everything. As a prophet he would go on to share whatever God revealed to him, even things that were hard to digest, out of concern for his people.

We are called to speak the truth in love. If we truly love someone, we will be willing to share the whole truth with them even if we put ourselves at the risk of facing insults and rejection. But if we seek popularity and worldly favour, we will be slow to share the hard truths about life and death.  When we truly love God and people, God will give us the courage to share His word to those who are in desperate need of the truth that will set them free.