September 4th 

“…Speak LORD, for Your servant is listening...”

1 Samuel 3:9 CSB

Four times the LORD called out to Samuel, but the LORD spoke and revealed His will only when He had Samuel’s undivided attention. Then while it was still dark outside, God enlightened Samuel with the words that would define his life as the prophet of the LORD

God still invites those who have willing ears to come and listen to His word, to be transformed and to be an agent of transformation. But often, we are unable to hear God speak because we are distracted and caught up with the voices of this world. God is not interested in competing with your desires, addictions, traditions, or opinions for a slot in your heart. But when you are willing to come unconditionally with an undivided heart to the living God and say, “Speak, LORD, for your servant is listening,” He will speak to you through the living Word and transform your life.