September 3rd

“Now Samuel did not yet know the LORD, and the word of the LORD had not yet been revealed to him.”

1 Samuel 3:7 ESV

Samuel had been dedicated from the womb to the service of God. From his early childhood days, the house of God was his dwelling place. Year after year, while his family came and went, he remained in the house of God, involving himself in the activities around the tabernacle. Despite all this, he did not know God in a personal way and the word of God was yet to come alive in his life.

It is possible for one to spend their whole life acknowledging the existence of God, fearing His judgments, respecting holy scriptures, worshiping Him regularly and yet not know God from the depth of their hearts. But your heart does not have to remain in darkness, for God who causes His light to shine in darkness, has send Jesus, the light of the world to shine in our hearts and draw us into fellowship with Him.